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Introductory Sessions.

Your initial meridian massage will determine what is going on with your energetic meridian systems. If you have pain in your body, you will feel relief after your first session. To start getting the energies flowing enough to clear out any blockages, it is important to have a minimum of a weekly treatment for a month.

Determining Further Sessions.

Most people seek out this form of massage when they feel pain and in most cases it has become chronic pain over several weeks, months and even years. In general, a condition involving the meridian channel requires 1 treatment for every year you have had the condition. to fully shift the energies and resolve the dis-ease.


I was going there to get some sessions for my back pain and digestive issues. CJ's compassionate and upbeat energy with her treatments made her a favourite for me. She was really focused on the emotional state I was in and incorporated that into her treatments. I always felt amazing during and after her treatments. I felt she really understood the body and how it worked and her calm confident hands that went to my sore spots unerringly gave me total confidence that she could sort out my issues, and I believe they did. Her  treatments achieved results for me. 

Bren B, Landsborough, Queensland Australia

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