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Image by Zoltan Tasi

Creativity Retreats 2023

My passion is creating art, for much of my life professionally has been in the world of graphic design, most recently in the film industry. I have always created art over the years and accumulated many different mediums and techniques that I include in these retreats.

Throughout my spiritual journey, for some reason art became a way for me to understand the unseen, giving me some tools to interpret and get messages from the higher realms of Source, Great Creator or God. The names are less important than the feelings of expansiveness, inspiration, joy and bliss that comes from both the connection and playing with creativity. 

These weekend retreats include 'spiritual baby steps' for those unfamiliar with certain concepts throughout the ages which are then interpreted in fun creative ways to help with understanding. Play is something we adult humans forget to include in our busy lives.  For those already exploring consciousness, there will be ways to go deeper as you continue your soulo-journeys through life.

Mostly the  weekends are about connecting with others, expressing authentically from the heart and having a mutual curiosity for the big questions in life such as 'why are we here?' 

A detailed playlist of activities and other details for the retreat will be sent to you along with payment options should you feel the inner nudge to join us. 

Contact me if you are looking to do this kind of retreat with your group.

I look forward to from you.


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